True total immersion stays, military preparations and discovery courses are “stages” of 10 to 20 days throughout the year and during school holidays, open to young people and girls who wish to discover military life in a unit of the Army.

Military preparations and discovery courses are an instructive and enriching first military experience with physical and military activities, for those who have a taste for effort and want to be introduced to the soldier’s basic skills and knowledge. General and civic information as well as information on the Defence and its various professions are provided.

Thus, the military preparation and discovery internship system contributes to recruitment, by advising and directing candidates to different fields if they subsequently wish to engage in a professional career or a reservist career and contributes to the Army/Nation link through the presence of reservists in the supervision and by opening its regiments to young French people.

The value of military preparation

Military preparations are a unique opportunity to discover military life in its most exciting activities. It is also an opportunity to discover techniques and, for certain military preparations, to pass patents that will be useful in civilian life. (AFPS, driving licence…) Military preparation is finally the best way to test your aptitude for military life with a view to joining the army.

At the end of the two weeks spent with the Army, a military preparation certificate will be issued to candidates whose average will be equal to or greater than 10.

Company internships

In addition to military preparations, they provide for the establishment of internships linked to the school curriculum of schools and universities. These internships are an opportunity for young people to discover a profession in the military context.

Registration for internships is done directly with the host organization. The terms and conditions of registration are defined on a case-by-case basis, but candidates must benefit from an internship agreement from their school.
Students with a bachelor’s degree can also consult the internship offers referenced by the Armées-Jeunesse commission.

The different types of military preparation

Many military preparations and discovery courses are offered to young people who wish to establish initial contact with the army.

  • There are three types of military preparations:
  • Military preparations Earth: parachuting, mountain, commando;
  • Military preparations Specialist with four specialties: works, transport, health and engineering;
  • Military preparation Executives or higher.
  • Discovery courses

Of a total duration depending on each internship (approximately 11 to 12 days), the aim of the discovery internships is to offer candidates a human and collective experience where everyone can put their physical and moral capacities to the test in a military environment.

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