Korean women are known for their flawless, plump and wrinkle-free skin, which has a beautiful, natural glow and staying hydrated.The secret of this even and fresh complexion is not just good genes.

Instead, Korean ladies follow a 10-step Korean Beauty Skincare routine every day. We’ll explain what this beauty trend is all about and give you instructions on how to integrate Korean skin care into your beauty program.

The Korean Beauty Ritual – The Basics

In Korea – where beauty trends and beauty care are very important – the motto is “Less Make-up, more Skincare”. And that’s what our “Western” care routine is all about: Korean women use around 10 care products and more every day. Make-up and hair care products are not yet included.

But as we can see: The result speaks for itself. The classic Korean Beauty Skincare routine consists of 10 steps and takes about 15 minutes without applying a mask. The best time to take care of your skin is in the morning and evening.

The Korean Beauty Trend follows the layering method: thin-liquid care products with a light texture are applied first. Beauty products with a more viscous texture are applied to the skin only at the end.

Of course, we would like to point out at this point that you should lead a healthy lifestyle in addition to high-quality care products. A healthy diet, plenty of pure water and good sun protection in everyday life also contribute greatly to reducing premature skin aging and enhancing the natural radiance of your skin.

Step 1: Remove make-up Cleansing oil from La Mer

In Korea, the “Double Cleansing” method is an important part of the skincare routine. First remove your make-up from your face with a gentle cleansing oil or an oil-based make-up remover. The rich oil reliably removes make-up, sebum and other impurities. At the same time, the face is easier to clean afterwards.

Our recommendation:

Gently massage the cleansing oil into the skin. The cleansing oil HY-Öl® from Babor uses purely vegetable, hydrophilic oils and can then be washed off with water residue-free. The Cleansing Oil from La Mer also gently removes make-up with the power of the sea while intensively moisturizing your skin.

Step 2: Facial cleansing

The second step of the “Double Cleansing” method involves gently cleansing the face with a mild water-based facial cleanser. This serves to remove the last residues of make-up and cleansing oil.

Our recommendation:

Take your time when applying the cleansing gel or foam. Massage the product into the skin for several minutes with circular movements. This promotes blood circulation. The cleansing gel Energy Gel from Bakel cleanses and tightens the skin and is also suitable for very sensitive skin. With the cleansing gel Démaquillant d’Tox from Payot you have a great facial cleanser that transforms into a luxuriant foam on contact with water and then visibly mattifies the complexion.

Step 3: Bakel Step Facial Peeling

A thorough peeling is carried out approximately once a week to complete the facial cleansing. This helps to prevent pimples and blackheads and reliably removes dead skin cells. If you have dry or sensitive skin, you can skip this step.

Our recommendation:

If you are prone to blemished skin and large pores, we recommend the Blackhead Solutions facial peeling from Clinique. It ensures pore-deeply clean skin and reduces visible pores by up to 75 percent.

Despite its effectiveness, it is extremely mild and moisturizes the skin. Bakel’s Pure Peel facial scrub is also very suitable for perfectly cleansed facial skin. It accelerates cell renewal, reduces wrinkles and leaves the skin radiant.

Step 4: Toner

Next up is the toner. It should do without alcohol, otherwise it dries out the skin. The toner protects the skin by neutralizing the pH value and preparing it perfectly for the subsequent care. Residues of the facial cleanser are also effectively removed.

Our recommendation:

Spread the toner evenly over the face with a cotton pad. The face lotion Soft Skin Tonic Chris Farrell soothes the skin, refines the pores and prepares the face optimally for the following care. Thermal Toning Essence from Babor is also refreshing and cleansing. It also contains no alcohol or perfume and is ideal for sensitive skin.

Step 5: Essence

The essence is one of the most important steps in the K-Beauty routine. It is thinner than a serum, rich in valuable ingredients and wonderfully hydrating. It also supports cell renewal and provides a radiant complexion.

Our recommendation:

Pat in a few drops of the essence from bottom to top with your fingers on your face. Do this until the liquid is completely absorbed by the skin. Biotherm’s Life Plankton Essence serum visibly protects and strengthens the skin’s quality. It becomes smoother and more even and looks very fresh. With the Radiant & Nutrient Essende facial emulsion from Herborist, you get two morning and evening care products that nourish and care for your skin.

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